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Beautiful morning to get on the bike and ride to work! Super quick journey into work as it's all down-hill - the return one may take a little longer.

Great weekend away. done lots of walking ... Feeling good :)

I finally managed to convince my husband to ditch the car keys and walk into town without the lure of beer at the end of the journey! Beautiful walk though Elgin Park - we are lucky to have such a facility in the heart of the town!!

My goal is to cycle into work one day per week. When the weather gets warmer I will hopefully extend it to two or three days. This week, I left it until Friday so gave myself no choice as to the day I was cycling. It must have been the worst day to choose. On Thursday I took my shirt in for Friday and then in the evening I packed my cycling gear ready for the morning. I woke up to the sound of heavy rain which showed no sign of stopping. I pushed myself to get ready and upon walking out the door took a glance at my car, with a fleeting thought of jumping in and ditching the bike. But instead I got on my bike and set off.

The first 5km were thoroughly enjoyable, with the best part being after about a 1km hill climb, getting snow-capped views of the mountains in the distance. I met several other riders who all said hello as they either cycled towards me or faster past me (I must try to cycle faster!). From there it’s downhill to cross the Kessock Bridge (see photo) and through Inverness to get into work. It takes just under an hour and the rain didn’t stop. However, after a hot shower I was at my desk for 8.30 and felt great for getting outside (whatever the weather) and cycling to work. Now it’s still raining and I’m about to get ready to cycle home but ready to do it again twice next week.

Cycling to work is great exercise although I have had to invest in some waterproofs!! I would recommend cycling as it's a great way to start the day! Although roll on the Summer!! :)

Although the weather has been very wet this week i still enjoyed my cycle

Train journey from England back up North yesterday - nice to watch the views out of the window up until 6pm

Enjoying the journeys home at night now that the daylight hours are lengthening

Walking & Cycling to work or from work definitely gives your brain a chance to switch on or off depending on the time of day!

I feel much better to be walking more amd looking forward to a run later this week :)

Walking from meeting to meeting was better than jumping in the car. :)

Get on your bike!