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Team Admin Info

Anyone can register a new team or workplace to the Challenge. The person who registers the team becomes the Team Administrator. The Team Administrator has the important role of promoting the Challenge to get their team number up and boosting team morale. The team administrator can be changed at any time during the Challenge.

Accessing your Team Profile

Once you have added your workplace you can access the team profile from the 'Me' icon in the menu. From your team profile you can see team statistics and have access to admin settings.

Editing your Team Profile

From your team profile page you are able to edit your team settings. Here you are able to edit the team name, contact details, profile picture and add departments to your team. You are also able to change the Team Administrator here if need be.

Changing the Team Administrator

Changing the Team Administrator is easy. All you need to do is go into 'Edit details' located at the bottom of the team profile page and enter the email address of the new Team Administrator. The new Team Administrator must already be registered to the Challenge and part of your team.

Emailing your Team

The Team Administrator is able to contact all the members of the team. To do this select 'More info' from the team profile page and then select 'List of registered participants'.